ICS Optics

Infinity-Color-Corrected System

Objectives with astounding image quality are major components of the "pyramids" from Zeiss. The unique ICS-OpticsTM (Infinity-Color-Corrected System) with an infinite image distance guarantee constantly brilliant, flawless image quality. The intelligent SI (System Integration) design allows the easy implementation of all illumination and contrast techniques without any need for complicated conversion. 

All objectives of ICS-Optics are infinity-corrected. The intermediate image is generated by the tube lens. Image aberrations are corrected right to the edge of the field of view. Plan objectives feature an entirely flat field.

The parfocal length of all objectives (including those for epi-fluorescence) is 45 mm. The individual objectives are optically and mechanically parfocalized in such a way that the focal plane is maintained after an objective change.

The objective type can be clearly identified; the double labeling is easy to read from all sides. The objective magnification and the immersion medium are marked by wide color rings.

Most objectives (with the exception of special objectives, LD and water objectives with a working distance of less than 1.9 mm) feature spring mounts to protect the specimen. Almost all immersion objectives can be snapped into the top position of their spring mount to allow the easy application of the immersion medium and to prevent immersion drops from wetting the specimen when the nosepiece is moved to change to "dry" observation.

With a few exceptions, transmitted-light objectives are corrected for the cover slip thickness of 0.17 mm ( Th. = 0.17 mm). Incident-light objectives are corrected for the use without coverglass (Th. = 0). The selected glass types meet even critical demands. 

The selection criteria are: 

  • refractive index and dispersion 
  • homogeneity, absence of strain 
  • high chemical resistance 
  • minimum thermal expansion 
  • resistance to climatic changes and 
  • high transmission and freedom from fluorescence. 

All transmitted-light objectives feature the same standard threaded mount: W 0.8x1/36". All incident-light objectives for darkfield feature the same standard threaded mount: M 27x0.75.