Multiphoton Microscopy

Enhance the functionality of your LSM 710 / LSM 780

Take the decisive next step in biomedical research. Gain unique insights that give you a powerful edge.Intracellular physiology can be dependably studied in intact organisms only.

By multiphoton microscopy, in particular, you can explore fundamental mechanisms in functional tissue - the way cell-cell interactions really work.


Pulsed, ultrafast infrared lasers excite fluorescent dyes at the focus only - the only place where photon density is high enough to produce fluorescence.

With low absorption and next to no scattering loss, the red excitation light penetrates much deeper into tissue. With some tissues it excites fluorochromes at depths of 1 mm. Thanks to the small excitation volume, images of subcellular resolution are obtained.

It is only at the focus where the dyes are excited and where the dye can bleach - ensuring unmatched preservation of your fluorescence-labeled specimen.

LSM 710 NLO / LSM 780 NLO System Characteristics

  • Optically perfect for the entire wavelength range from 350 to 1100 nm. Specimen illumination controlled with single-pixel accuracy.
  • Suitable Objectives provide optimum excitation and detection.
  • Axio Examiner – the microscope platform for intravital microscopy; it offers a lot of space for the specimen and adjusts to every requirement
  • Efficient optics close to the specimen collect the fluorescence light generated and conduct it to Non Descanned Detectors.
  • The GaAsP NDD Detector for the Axio Examiner gives another sensitivity boost for intravital imaging.
  • 2 Channel BiG Detector as NDD also in combination with GaAsP NDD Detector usable.