ZEISS Services: supporting consistently brilliant results
Repair, Maintenance & Upgrade Services

Repair, Maintenance & Upgrade Services

Tailored support for your needs

For microscopy maintenance, repair, spare parts supply and more, contact ZEISS Services.

  • Introduction

    ZEISS Services: Supporting Consistently Brilliant Results

    When you choose ZEISS microscopes, we make it our mission to help you achieve consistently brilliant results.

    Because we want you to remain completely satisfied with your microscope system, Carl Zeiss offers you an exceptional support and advice service. From maintenance and repair to spare parts and more, we are here to help you long after your microscope is installed.

    So if you would like to learn more or ask any questions, just pick up the phone. We’ll be there when you need us.

    Tailor Made Microscope Maintenance and Support

    If your microscope system is serviced regularly, it will remain in optimal condition and continue to deliver first-class results.

    Our maintenance support services help you to make this happen. Whether you need on-demand repairs or the peace of mind offered by a full services contract, we will work with you to create a maintenance strategy that is tailored exactly to your needs.

    Find out more. Ask your contact at Carl Zeiss about ZEISS Services today.


    The ZEISS Services Network — Here when you need us.

    • ZEISS Services give you access to worldwide support network, ensuring our experienced and highly skilled service technicians are there when you need them.
    • Thanks to remote service tools, we can help you troubleshoot problems instantly; and when you need spare parts, we will prepare them for you quickly.
    • ZEISS also offers you a range of calibration and certification services, helping you to get the very best from your microscope system at all times.


    Find out more. Ask your contact at Carl Zeiss about ZEISS Services today.

  • Maintenance

    Regular Maintenance for Trouble-free Performance

    A well-maintained microscope is unlikely to fail when you need it most.

    By scheduling regular servicing sessions, you can plan ahead and avoid expensive costs associated with unexpected downtime. In this way, you make your microscope use more efficient, as well as extending your system’s lifespan.

    If a regular service contract is not for you, then you can still rely on our preventative maintenance and repair-on-demand services. So when you face problems, our fully equipped service team can analyze and resolve the problem in question — either on site or with Carl Zeiss remote service software.

    Keep downtime to a minimum. Talk to your contact at Carl Zeiss about ZEISS maintenance today.

  • Remote Diagnostics

    Remote Diagnostics to Resolve Microscope Issues Instantly

    The Carl Zeiss remote diagnostics service allows ZEISS service engineers to inspect your microscope in real time, guide you through its software and get you back to work faster — all without having to pay a site visit.

    While inspecting your microscope remotely, we will also look for any anomalies and suggest appropriate measures to restore your equipment to optimum operating conditions

    This service needs no extra hardware, and the necessary software is easy to install and immediately ready to use. Each remote diagnostic session is password protected and logged, and you can end it at any time — giving you complete control at every stage.

    Find out more about remote diagnostics. Talk to your contact at Carl Zeiss today.

  • Repair

    ZEISS Services — Fast, Efficient Repairs

    Whether you have a ZEISS service contract or not, we are always on hand to help you if anything should go wrong with your microscope.

    Our priority is to get your system up and running again, and we will analyze, check and repair your microscope either at your premises or at ZEISS. We will also supply you with all necessary spare parts and consumables.
    ZEISS repair services are available when you need them. Ask your contact at Carl Zeiss for details.


  • Upgrades

    Future-proof Your Microscope Technology with ZEISS Upgrades

    ZEISS microscopes are designed in a way that allows you to upgrade them when supporting technology moves on.

    You can retrofit them with feature-rich software, state-of-the-art detectors, faster computers and other accessories, ensuring they operate at a fully modern technological level.

    This not only allows you to take advantage of technological advances and work more efficiently, but it can often extend the productive lifetime of your microscope.

    Find out more here:
    Upgrades for Electron Microscopes
    PALM MicroBeam III Upgrade

    Ask your contact at ZEISS for a no-obligation discussion on upgrading your microscope system.

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