Digital Classroom

Future Technology in the Classroom

Microscopy training courses are an essential part in the curricula of life- and earth sciences.

Your students use microscopes in order to understand the morphology of human, animal or plant cells. They need to gain deeper knowledge of sample preparation, staining procedures and finally sample examination to identity e.g. blood cell disorders. Some lectures require a thorough knowledge of various microscopy techniques and software for image acquisition and documentation.
Hand drawings of samples like onion ephithelium or oral mucosa still play an important role. In addition, digital school equipment e.g. smart boards, tablets, e-learning and interactive video courses are becoming an essential part of your learning and teaching methods.

Whenever you are considering to buy new school equipment, count on a digital classroom. An interactive digital classroom helps to produce the engaging atmosphere that motivates students to discover their field of study and to reach their learning goals.

With ZEISS microscopes and the imaging app Labscope, it is easy to create a digital classroom with a network of connected school microscopes. You can now monitor all student microscopes from your iPad or iPhone. Get students awareness by interactively involving them in your teaching. Students gain learning success in a playful way and have fun in your training session by sharing their microscope images in their networks.

Benefit from a digital classroom:

  • Move freely in the classroom while monitoring student microscopes.
  • Talk to students and share their live stream with others.
  • Pick a student’s images and explain them to others.
  • Share images and videos online.
  • Choose between two standard infrastructures (LAN or HDMI), or combine them for best performance.

Download Labscope for free!

Digital Classroom in biology course

Digital Classroom at the University of Exeter

Digital Classroom at the MTLA School in Hannover

How to Videos

Connect ZEISS Stemi 305 to your iPad

Set up a digital classroom with ZEISS Stemi 305

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ZEISS Xradia 800 Ultra

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Submicron X-ray Imaging: Bridge the Gap in Lab-based Microscopy

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Your X-ray System for Today with Assurance for Tomorrow

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Submicron X-ray Imaging: Maintain High Resolution Even at Large Working Distances

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ZEISS Xradia 610 and 620 Versa

Your 3D X-ray Microscopes for Faster Sub-Micron Imaging of Intact Samples

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Your 3D X-ray Microscope for Advanced Discovery

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Larger samples, higher throughput

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Contrast with a 3D X-ray Microscope

for Difficult-to-Image Materials

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