Forensic Science

Every contact leaves a trace. Working in forensic science, it’s your daily business to analyze these traces finding evidence especially when it relates to a legal case. Microscopes are your most important tools in forensic science investigations. Precise and reliable instruments, which offer brilliant images, reproducible results and the ability for documentation are your key to successfully examine a case. Microscopes in forensic science help you to

  • investigate the site of a crime and study the cause and time of death
  • distinguish homicide from suicide, determine the type of weapon used, and establish the identity of the deceased
  • identify fingerprints and footprints and get trace evidence such as hairs and fibers, DNA, or handwriting
Forensic science cover a wide range of applications from pathology, anthropology, entomology, toxicology to DNA analysis. Choose from a complete portfolio of ZEISS microscopy techniques to gain criminal evidence in your forensic application.


Forensic Science

Flyer: Taking a New Look at Forensics

ZEISS microscope systems for forensic sciences

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ZEISS Microscope Systems for Forensic Investigations


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Microscopic Detection of Sperm on Washed Textiles After HY-LITER Staining

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