Lab Management for ZEISS Core Imaging Facilities 

Offerings for seamless operation of your imaging lab

Managing the day-to-day running of your core lab is a busy and varied job. Aside from the upkeep of a wide range of instruments, the large number of logistical and practical issues that need to be addressed can include scheduling users, creating accounts, booking service visits, tracking research output, training new users, troubleshooting issues, and more.

Lab Management Software

Pull all of your regular management tasks together in a single, integrated software package that ensures maximum efficiency of your time.

ZEISS has partnered with Idea Elan to bring Infinity software to address your daily requirements. Infinity is a core facility management software that enables you to easily run your lab directly from your computer or smartphone.

Infinity Core Facility Management Software is a complete system that is easy to use

Users can quickly and easily book instruments and alter bookings as required from their desktop or mobile app. Accounting takes place automatically via connection to finance systems such as SAP or any other ERP. Facility productivity can be monitored via usage and publication output. Integrated tracking, reporting, and service management of your instruments will save you time and keep your systems running smoothly.

Infinity Core Facility Management Software is a complete system that is easy to use, easy to operate, and easy to set-up, removing many of the administrative burdens of running your facility so you can focus on your users, your science, and your success. With exclusive features for ZEISS instruments, these tasks are managed using a combination of scheduling tools and spreadsheets and, according to a recent survey, results in an average 2-3 days per month reduction in time spent by facility staff dealing with these everyday tasks.

Given the multitude of jobs to be done in your core lab, a better solution is to automate these daily tasks using software so your time can be spent more productively driving the science and techniques from your instruments.


Keeping your core lab instruments running is always top priority. Unscheduled downtime costs both money and reputation and must be minimized above all else. To provide the best range of solutions, ZEISS has created a selection of service tools to ensure minimal downtime and maximum engagement in your core lab. Using remote and predictive service tools, the health status of your instruments is constantly monitored, and log files collected. This significantly improves remote diagnosis to ensure that your time to repair is minimized.

In addition, we are delighted to offer tailored service training courses for core facility personnel to provide a deep dive into the technical components of our instruments. This service training provides you with the tools you need to quickly and efficiently diagnose, and in many cases fix, common technical issues that arise. Contact your local ZEISS representative to explore the exciting core facility service training options available in your region.

Service programs that meet your needs
Service programs that meet your needs


Training of both users and core imaging facility personnel is vitally important in the core lab. Well-trained staff and users means fewer operational challenges, higher quality data generation, and a technically satisfied team of core lab staff with a deep understanding of the installed instruments, and processing and analysis software solutions. 

Provision of digital training resources continues to grow in importance, particularly since remote access to instruments has become more common. To support your users and core facility personnel, ZEISS has created a range of digital training resources covering operation of instruments, software packages, and solutions. Customers may access the ZEISS portal directly for training materials that support your core facility staff and users. 

Train your users and imaging facility personnel
Train your users and imaging facility personnel


Securing funding streams for imaging solutions for your Core Lab can be challenging.  ZEISS is glad to support you in locating the right funding stream for your needs. We work closely with many core labs to locate and secure microscope funding, be this via funding bids or alternative models such as leasing or loan to purchase. Contact us to learn more about working together to fulfil your equipment needs.

Talk to us about how to locate the right funding
Talk to us about how to locate the right funding


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