Pharmaceutical & Biotech Industry From Drug Development to Biotech Tools for Life Science Research and Healthcare

The pharmaceutical and biotech industry pursues breakthrough advances in the form of next-generation research tools, diagnostics, treatments and cures to improve our health and quality of life.

It is a bold vision. Not only is manipulating biology at the molecular level a highly complex undertaking, but the commercial setting brings about a number of additional difficulties to deal with: competition, tight deadlines, regulatory aspects and the pressure to achieve commercial success, to name few.

ZEISS Microscopy is here to facilitate your success, from the early stages of setting up your startup company to running massive, multi-site research programs at big pharma companies:

  • Off-the-shelf microscopy hardware and software solutions
  • Customized microscopy solutions
  • OEM components to enhance your products
  • A strong venture partner for imaging-related life-science innovation
ZEISS Pharmaceutical & Biotech Industry

Pharma & Biopharma

Drug Discovery and Drug Development

ZEISS Pharma & Biopharma

From understanding disease to successfully identifying drug targets to developing effective treatments and then manufacturing these medicines at quality and scale, pharmaceutical and biopharma companies face major challenges at every step of the process. As a leading drug developer, you must deliver breakthrough findings and reliable results, while balancing available resources.

Biotech Tools

Next-Gen Research and Healthcare

ZEISS Biotech Tools

Are you developing biotech tools and breakthrough technology that will fuel the biorevolution in personalized medicine, gene therapy, spatial omics, synthetic biology and more? Whether you need high-end imaging in R&D, or your innovation requires integration of optical components and customized solutions, or you need an expert venturing partner.

Biotech Startups

ZEISS is There from Day One

ZEISS Biotech Startups

Startups are the ideal environment for bold ideas and high-risk, high-reward projects.
ZEISS recognizes your specific needs as a startup and is committed to facilitating your success on various levels. Beyond imaging technology and expertise for R&D, you may benefit from dedicated programs for startups including our ventures activities, through which we seek strategic partners for joint innovation endeavors.