Biotech Tools Enabling Next-Gen Research and Healthcare

With new capabilities in AI, steady increases in computing power, automation and data analytics, the Biorevolution is in full swing, rapidly changing life science research and healthcare. ZEISS microscopy solutions provide the context and insights you need to fuel your innovation.

Covid 19 virus, imaged with ZEISS GeminiSEM 560. Courtesy of M. Hannah, Virus Reference Department, Public Health England, UK.

Life Science Research

One way or another, life science research will be a critical aspect of developing and applying your revolutionary biotech tools. From needing to understand 3D cell biology to inform your development roadmap of organ-on-a-chip platforms, to validating and improving your spatial omics workflow, to countless other life science research challenges.

Life Science Technology Development

When developing tools and technology enabling life science research and healthcare, you may find you need additional expertise to make your vision come true at speed and at scale. As a world-leader in opto-electronics, ZEISS can be your established business partner to ensure success along the different stages of research, product development, manufacturing, and market entry.

Whether your technology requires integration of optical components, your solution requires custom software or application development, or you need an expert venturing partner, ZEISS can be the missing link to turning your idea into a product.


Enhance Your Product with ZEISS Technology


Use OEM ZEISS microscopes or parts in your product or become a value-added reseller (VAR).

ZEISS Solutions Lab

Benefit from Rapid Application Development

ZEISS ZEN (blue edition)

Leverage software customization to improve workflows, automate analyses and reduce your time to results.

ZEISS Ventures

Strong Strategic Venturing Partners

ZEISS Ventures

Enabling biotech startup companies to shape markets.