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for demanding industrial quality assurance/control and failure analysis applications

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ZEISS solutions for advanced materials

Gaining insight to improve process and quality and understand failure mechanisms

The development of advanced materials for industry – glass, ceramics, plastics, composites and building materials – helps drive innovation in consumer and industrial products and processes. Altering the chemical and physical properties and specifically designing to meet demanding specification requirements leads to:

  • vastly increased strength and durability
  • the ability to self-heal
  • managing to withstand extremely high temperature or pressure
  • the capacity to absorb stress and strain without fracturing or failing

Typically sitting in near-line or offline quality assurance/quality control (QA/QC) and failure analysis labs, ZEISS high resolution imaging and compositional analysis solutions provide you with insight that can drive improvements in advanced materials manufacturing processes and enhance your understanding of complex failure mechanisms. Whether your requirement is to examine surface defects and topography, perform microstructural analysis, cross-sectional composition analysis or non-destructive defect and failure analysis through bulk material, we provide solutions that correlate results to provide answers you can act on.

Different type of raw material?

ZEISS provides the broadest portfolio of imaging solutions to visualize, characterize and quantify the properties and processes of your natural resources, metals and advanced materials.



Design efficient solid oxide fuel cells (SOFC) and solid oxide electrolysis cells (SOEC) using 3D analysis

ZEISS Analytical Solutions provide the 3D perspective in R&D

pages: 2
file size: 1270 kB


Advanced Segmentation for Industrial Materials

Learn about machine learning – a solution to the segmentation problem with ZEISS ZEN Intellesis for initial data generation or analysis and processing of a segmented image.

pages: 11
file size: 4794 kB

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