ZEISS Solutions for Plastics and Polymers

Providing insight, from the development and production of polymers in their primary forms, to the manufacture of industrial and consumer plastic products

  • Understand a range of conditions on a range of microscopes, including polymer morphology, structure and crystallinity, spherulites, and the onset of crystallization temperature
  • Visualize defects, cracks, deformations and other failures using birefringent light microscopy or high resolution electron microscopy
  • Study the effects of stress and strain induced by the injection moulding or extrusion processes, temperature and humidity on your plastic materials and products
  • Non-destructively quantify microstructure in 3D in situ to understand strength, performance, reliability and failure mechanism
  • Monitor crystal growth and inspect finished materials in situ using a heating stage on upright and polarization microscopes 

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for Plastics and Polymers

Plastic parts and structural components play crucial roles across aerospace, automotive, and construction industries. And, increasingly, we rely on plastic parts in medical devices.

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