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Training the geoscientists of tomorrow

Modern geoscience education is focused primarily on data interpretation rather than the process of data acquisition. This has led to the demand for a greater focus on data sharing and interaction and a simplification of the hardware used to produce the data itself. The rise of distance learning also drives a need for remote control and use of image and analytical data. In the university environment, blended learning is a growing application that incorporates both optical and electron microscope data to complement the subject you are teaching.

ZEISS has a broad range of optical microscopes supporting typical undergraduate techniques. As a pioneer of the digital classroom concept, many ZEISS microscope cameras are WiFi-enabled.

  • Control platforms remotely over a network to present data
  • Share with a distributed audience, selecting and projecting images and their annotations via modern mobile devices with the ZEISS geoscience educational portfolio

Blended learning, incorporating data from a whole range of sources into the teaching environment with ZEISS correlative solutions enables you to easily communicate concepts using practical examples.

A good understanding of geological sciences is grounded in a competence for using the available toolbox of instrumentation. Simplifying the learning process by using a common control software package across instruments makes the interpretation of data available to a wide audience simultaneously.

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