Feasibility & Process Development

Develop a deep understanding to optimize with confidence

To minimize risk ahead of the mine planning phase, potential complexities and variability in the recovery process must be assessed through metallurgical test work and flow sheet modeling. During feasibility, a deep understanding of the mineralogical and textural characteristics of the deposit enables a more precise mine model to be developed with a more accurate ROI to be realized.

  • Understand quantitative mineralogical data including mineral associations and locking properties to model flow sheets and populate the mine block model with greater confidence earlier in the life cycle.
  • Reduce time and expense through providing complementary data to metallurgical testing.
  • Identify potential environmental management issues associated with mine closure through a deeper understanding of the ore body before mining commences.
  • Observe the interactions of chemicals with the ore body with non-destructive, in situ imaging solutions with 3D X-ray microscopes.
  • Quantify rock breakage and particle surface exposure using non-destructive 3D imaging.

Once a deposit has been identified, the textural and mineralogical properties of the deposit must be analyzed to determine the recovery process and assess economic viability.

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