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Once an ore has been concentrated, the plant product may be refined further ahead of its use in industry. The uniformity and quality of your product is key to its overall value and the method in which it is used downstream.

ZEISS provides 3D non-destructive imaging of samples, which offers a unique capability to view refinery product quality in its natural state. 2D imaging solutions may be applied to routine quality analysis and product certification.

  • Iron ore pellets
    Non-destructive analysis of iron ore pellets gives insights into product quality with no risk of skewing results through sample preparation.

  • Base metal concentrate
    Understanding deleterious elements and diluents in metal concentrates provides the plant with an indication of how to increase concentrate grade and enables the smelter to pay a reasonable price for concentrate based on environmental penalties caused by impurities. Equally, the rapid identification of losses to concentrate, and in particular quantifying the ratio of recoverable vs non-recoverable material can also be achieved.

  • Coal
    Inspection of inorganic minerals in coal allows power plants to optimize blending strategies. Standard test method based analyses identify coal quality to allocate value to coal products.

  • Petroleum coke
    Inspection of the purity of petroleum coke used in the production of steel. Low grade coke, containing minerals, leads to the production of bubbles in the steel manufacturing process which directly impacts its strength and therefore value.

 A repeatable and reproducible product impacts directly on reputation and product value, making rigorous testing of end product essential to ensure peace of mind and certification of quality are critical.

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