ZEISS Microscopy Solutions for Rock Characterization

Imaging across 8 orders of magnitude to solve challenges of heterogeneity

Information obtained from core analysis and well logs can be augmented by pore-scale imaging and analysis techniques. These measurements are accomplished by imaging core plugs, end trims and rock cuttings, and petrographic thin sections of reservoir rocks at multiple length scales in both 2D and 3D. These length scales, spanning from plug scale (centimeters) to the smallest pore throats (nanometers), require various imaging tools to efficiently capture features across eight orders of magnitude.

Complex subsurface systems, particularly unconventional resources, are dominated by nanoscale pore structures such as organic hosted porosity, complex pyritization and inter/intragranular microporosity.


for Rock Characterization

ZEISS offers imaging solutions that span these length scales with an array of microscopes: light, confocal, X-ray, scanning electron, focused ion beam, and helium ion, linked together by an integrated correlative microscopy workspace to help you understand the behavior of your conventional or unconventional reservoirs.

Shale Characterization

Your complete multi-scale imaging capability


Carbonate Characterization

Understand pore structure across 8 orders of magnitude


Sandstone Characterization

Your automated mineralogy solution for enhanced oil recovery


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