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Comparing porosity, pore connectivity and tortuosity with computational fluid dynamics modeling

ZEISS Microscopy Solutions for Carbonate Characterization

Understand pore structure across 8 orders of magnitude

Carbonates contain the bulk of the world’s remaining oil and gas reserves, however, their pore structures are difficult to characterize. They typically have highly heterogeneous dual and triple porosity systems, with pores ranging from large macro-scale vugs down to micritic microporosity at length scales of tens of nanometers.

  • Characterize pore-structure and heterogeneity across a wide range of length scales
  • Use guided sample site selection to non-destructively scan interior volumes and identify regions for higher resolution interrogation
  • Plug into automated multiscale workflows using submicron down to nanoscale 3D X-ray microscopes with high resolution FIB-SEM
  • Leverage your thin section archive by using confocal microscopy to image pore structure in 3D

Application images

for Carbonate Characterization


Example: Tight carbonate sample progressively imaged from 4 cm field of view down to nanometers using submicron Xradia Versa, nanoscale Xradia Ultra and Crossbeam FIB-SEM 


Guided sample site selection allows you to progressively image over eight orders of magnitude.
Capture rock heterogeneity by maintaining the spatial relationship of images captured over multiple scales using a wide range of tools. This allows high resolution descriptions of mineralogy, pore structure and morphology to be related to macroscopic maps of lithological texture.


for Oil & Gas Applications

ZEISS offers the widest range of multiscale 2D and 3D imaging tools required to characterize heterogeneous pore structures from the core to nanometer scale.

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