Steel and Other Metals
Steel and Other Metals
From Construction, Transport and Infrastructure, to Automotive, Energy and Consumer Goods

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ZEISS Solutions for Steel and Other Metals

Measuring the type and amount of non-metallic inclusions to know their impact on the mechanical and physical properties of the steel

Steels and other metals are a group of complex and versatile materials utilized in an incredible range of applications – from construction, transport and infrastructure, to automotive, energy and consumer goods – each demanding a different set of properties and specifications from the material.

Accurate measurements of the material properties at each stage of the manufacturing process help metallurgists understand how the different influencing variables control microstructures, alter composition and introduce defects or impurities. These alter or influence the material properties and cause the material not to meet specification or cause components to fail.

Grain and phase analysis is important to understanding the metallurgical characteristics of a steel or alloy.

Analyzing failures and identifying fatigue fractures is critical to discovering the root cause of failed components, assess suitability of a component and determining corrective actions.

New solutions in imaging and analysis provide you with the ability to:

  • Confirm that manufacturing processes, grade and quality of the product meet your customer’s strict specifications
  • Understand characteristics of the material when transforming it into products to ensure it meets specifications
  • Assess minor impurities or defects that can cause a component to fail
  • Grasp impact of properties such as tensile strength, toughness or fatigue limit

Different type of raw material?

ZEISS provides the broadest portfolio of imaging solutions to visualize, characterize and quantify the properties and processes of your natural resources, metals and advanced materials.


for Metallic Materials

ZEISS offers a leading-edge portfolio of solutions across a wide range of products and applications for the metals and steel industry. Comprising optical, electron and X-ray microscopes, and with leading innovations in correlative microscopy solutions, ZEISS instruments and applications are designed to meet your demands in this highly regulated industry.

Fracture Analysis

Fracture analysis is an indispensable tool to understand the root cause of fracture and to prevent future damage or failures

Metallographic Techniques

Microstructures and crystallographic imaging is possible with several metallographic techniques using both light and electron microscopy, compositional contrasting, 2D and 3D electron back-scattered diffraction (EBSD) and channelling contrast using angle selective backscattered (AsB) imaging.
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Non Metallic Inclusions

One of the basic quality issues in steel production is "cleanliness" or the presence of non-metallic particles in the material.



Advanced Segmentation for Industrial Materials

Learn about machine learning – a solution to the segmentation problem with ZEISS ZEN Intellesis for initial data generation or analysis and processing of a segmented image.

pages: 11
file size: 4794 kB


Application Note

Use gallium and neon ion beams in sample preparation for transmission electron microscope (TEM) investigations combined with ZEISS Orion NanoFab sotware for automated routines and reduced effects of the damage.

pages: 7
file size: 6599 kB


Application Note: Multi-scale Correlative Study

Gain insights into corrosion evolution in a magnesium alloy using Atlas 5 that efficiently links and navigates between in situ sub-micron X-ray microscopy, nanoscale X-ray microscopy and FIB-SEM tomography

pages: 8
file size: 1766 kB


Assessing grit-blasted metal surfaces by confocal light microscopy and scanning electron microscopy

Assess grit-blasted metal surfaces by confocal light microscopy and scanning electron microscopy

pages: 8
file size: 4711 kB


Case Study

Corrosion analysis of modern and historic railway trackwith optical, electron and correlative Raman microscopy

pages: 10
file size: 7630 kB


Electron Backscattered Diffraction (EBSD) for assessment of metals and alloys

Discover ZEISS microscopy solutions for assessment of metals and alloys with electron backscatter diffraction (EBSD)

pages: 9
file size: 3293 kB


Microscopy in Metal Failure Investigations

Determine the root cause of metal failure and learn about microscopy tool set for any metal failure investigation

pages: 8
file size: 4315 kB


Physical, chemical and crystallographic analysis of metal welds

Learn about ZEISS microscopy solutions for physical, chemical and crystallographic analysis of metal welds

pages: 8
file size: 913 kB


ZEISS Microscopy Solutions for Steel and Other Metals

Multi-modal characterization and advanced analysis options for industry and research

pages: 11
file size: 15285 kB

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