ZEISS Campus
Education in Microscopy and Digital Imaging

Interactive Tutorials

The ZEISS Online Campus features interactive tutorials that have been developed to explore complex topics in all phases of optical microscopy and digital imaging. The tutorials are embedded within web pages that contain accompanying discussions addressing the subject phenomena and provide instructions for use and control of the interactive tutorials. Additional information is contained in review articles on selected topics.

Basic Microscopy

Gain fundamental knowledge about microscopy. Understand the concept of magnification and learn more about objective specifications or airy disk formation.


Spectral Imaging

Discover the world of spectral imaging with further insights into Linear Unmixing, Emission Fingerprinting or the QUASAR photomultiplier detection technology.


Optical Sectioning

Learn more about structured illumination, understand the difference between confocal and widefield microscopy or get to know VivaTome as representative of aperture correlation microscopy.


Superresolution Microscopy

See how depletion lasers illuminate your specimen in stimulated emission depletion (STED) microscopy and discover many other significant concepts such as superresolution structured illumination or photoactivation localization (PALM) microscopy.