Developing and manufacturing precision optical systems

It all starts with your idea

We are your reliable OEM partner – from day one

We manufacture all optical components needed for traditional or innovative applications in original ZEISS quality. Not only are we a reliable manufacturer with an international production network here, but we are also an adviser, brainstormer, problem-solver, and guarantor of quality.


Developing and manufacturing precise optical systems is our passion

At ZEISS OEM Solutions, all areas – from development to mechanical engineering and prototyping right through to series production – work hand in hand to ultimately offer the best possible results for our customers.

You can count on ZEISS expertise from the very beginning of your project. We are here to support you with our technical skills and show you the many options our network has to offer.

Spotlight on customer application

Once the idea has emerged, we run through all the implementation options with you. We look at the possible risks and assess potential so that your project can be launched under definite conditions.


Tailor-made systems by experts, for experts

ZEISS is synonymous with innovative technologies. Your project is in the best hands with us, no matter at which point in the value chain we support you – from designing optics right through to developing technologies and from the simple lens right through to the complex optomechatronic system.

Innovative manufacturing portfolio for maximum flexibility

ZEISS offers a wide manufacturing portfolio which accomplishes that all processes can be combined perfectly.

Through short distances and closely collaboration we are able to perform even complex projects.

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