Development services

Tailor-made systems by experts, for experts

In the industrial engineering facility: Diverse group of engineers and technicians in a meeting gather around table with engine design technical drafts, have discussion, analyze technology
By applying our specialist competence, we develop customized optical systems. We take into consideration the feasibility in production and the use of standard components. Software developed in house is used for the simulation and optimization of optical systems.

Modern factory office: Portrait of male project supervisor talking with a female industrial engineer, they point at computer display showing CAD software with 3D engine concept. Team problem-solving

Feasibility and design study

We want to offer you the best possible support at the early stages of the project:

  • Analyzing the task and deriving of requirements and specifications
  • Design studies (design of the optics and mechanics, technology studies) to highlight and evaluate the options for your solutions
  • Calculating development times and costs
  • Calculating manufacturing costs for the series product and highlighting cost saving potentials
  • Optimizing performance with respect to manufacturing costs in close consultation with the customer and with due regard to the customer application
Once we obtain the results of the feasibility study, you will receive a basic concept from us with statements on the development and manufacturing costs, lead time, and technical risks.


Development of optical modules and systems

With our experience in optics and skills to develop modules and systems, we can create one-of-a-kind solutions to help you to impress your customers.

Our services

Project management and systems engineering

  • Project management / senior project manager with IPMA certification
  • Systems engineering – experience in all relevant technologies and across a broad spectrum of products 
  • Requirements engineering – for the professional definition, documentation, and maintenance of requirements
  • IP management – for ensure non-infringement of third party rights and establishing a product-specific IP portfolio
  • Design-to-Cost – based on continuous costing

Optics design – our core competency

  • Design of optical systems
  • Simulations: Scattered light, stray light, thermal behavior, virtual prototyping
  • Tolerance analysis - as-built tolerance optimization for manufacturing and Design-to-Cost
  • Use of innovative elements – freeform surfaces, diffractive and holographic elements
  • Excellent ZEISS design tools, supplemented with all standard software tools

Individual coating development

  • Support with coating specifications
  • Design and development of customized coatings and coating systems, from DUV right through to NIR, proprietary design software for developing and simulating complex coatings including process development
  • Broad portfolio, currently with more than 250 standard coatings and a variety of custom coatings
  • Technologies: Thermal evaporation, electron-beam physical vapor deposition, ion- and plasma-assisted electron beam evaporation, magnetron sputtering
  • Typical applications: AR coatings (UV-VIS-IR), coatings for beam splitters, filters, mirrors, coatings for high levels of radiation, absorbent coatings, protective coatings, conductive coatings, variable filters

Mechanical design

  • Creating concepts and finding solution with a high grade of expertise.
  • Designing optical, mechanical, and optomechanical assemblies and systems
  • Simulating mechanical and thermal stresses (Ansys and PTC Creo simulations)
  • Cost analysis directly integrated in the design process
  • Tolerance analysis and optimization

Customer-specific technology developments

  • Manufacturing technologies: Optical manufacturing technologies, assembly and alignment technologies, automation, ultraprecision machining and additive manufacturing
  • Testing technology: Component measurement, systems measurement, algorithms and procedures, image processing, electronic test equipment
  • Tools and devices: Polishing tools, installation tools, complex jigs and tools, specialized transport containers
  • Processes and process chains: Organizing and optimizing manufacturing and assembly processes

Chemical, material and optics auxiliary materials service

  • Analytics: Instrumental analytics, process-related analytics, contamination testing, testing tools, investigating accidents and damages, environmental monitoring, surface analysis and so on
  • Materials laboratory with surface technology: Materials testing, thermal processing, advice on materials and processing, chemical surface treatment
  • Laboratory for operating supplies: Structural adhesives, sealing agents, casting resin systems, cements for optical systems, greases, cleaning mixtures, oils, immersion oils and so on
  • Optical aids: Purchasing, manufacturing, and testing polishes, Desmopan polishing films, criss-cross, and line grids, polishing pitches, and adhesive for optical assemblies

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