Multifunctional Smart Glass
Multifunctional Smart Glass

Multifunctional smart glass

Glass, redefined

We optimize glass and transparent plastic surfaces based on a patent-protected IP platform using different micro-optical structures and holographic optical elements, enabling the integration and combination of different functionalities such as lighting, projection, filtering and detection.

Multifunctionalization thanks to high-tech infrastructure

Optics design, mastering, reproduction and integration of ZEISS

qm clean room space reserved for micro-optical tasks
temperature stability in fine climate laboratories
efficient technologies for micro-optical structuring
possibilities for the implementation of your ideas

Multifunctional smart glass – perfectly matched to your application scenario

Together with you, we adapt our technology highly efficiently to your specific application scenario

Laser welding in the manufacturing process
Industrial solutions | Optimize your industrial processes with us

At ZEISS Microoptics, we specialize in the development, optimization, mastering, replication and integration of light-based optics applications based on micro-optical and holographic optical elements.

HUD object detection in the car on icy roads
Automotive | Micro-optical and holographic optical systems for more convenience and safety

Up-to-date information and detection systems offer greater protection and enhance the driving experience.

New avionics HUD technology from the pilot's point of view
Avionics | Multifunctional glass surfaces for pilots, crew and passengers

Various system optimizations for cockpit and passenger compartment thanks to microstructured surfaces.

Transparent tablet with open video chat and keyboard projected in front of it
Consumer | State-of-the-art technology for today's lifestyle

Thanks to ZEISS multifunctional smart glass, projected keyboards, holographic cameras and transparent screens with different projection levels are already a reality today.

Multifunctional windows with whiteboard and tracking application
Smart Home | Digital applications for modern living

The multifunctionalization of any glass and transparent surfaces enables the advancement of infotainment and the Internet of Things in your home.

Your groundbreaking application, thanks to unique combination options

The individual functionalities: Lighting, projection, filters and detection can be integrated into transparent surfaces individually or in any combination. The high degree of variation gives you scope for your applications, innovations and visions.

Micro-optical lighting systems — transparent and compact
Example of lighting capabilities
Virtual, real and in-plane projection solutions
Example of projection skills
Adaptive protection from various rays
Example of filter options
Transparent sensor systems for optical detection from UV to IR
Example of detection capabilities

Integrated optical elements for versatile high-end solutions

DOE – Diffractive optical elements Binary/multilevel DOE, diffractive lenses, diffusers, gratings
ROE – Refractive optical elements Microlens array, beam shaping, achromatic diffusers, phase mask with continuous profiles

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