Transparent high-performance systems for reliable air traffic

Optimizations for passengers and crew

For more safety and entertainment

The composition of the various functionalities is customizable.

entire cockpit window as HUD
depth of projection
flexibly combinable functionalities
>25 kg
weight saving

High-tech optical systems for aviation

At ZEISS, we enable the further development of safety, information and entertainment systems throughout the avionic sector. Our patented multifunctional smart glass technology allows a wide variety of applications in the cockpit, passenger compartment and anywhere else transparent surfaces can be installed.

As a technology leader with extensive knowledge in all areas of the process chain, we accompany your project consistently and professionally from the idea to series production. In doing so, we address a wide range of customer requirements in detail and offer professional solutions. Our experts in project management, quality assurance, optics design, holography, material science, replications, integrations and automation are with you every step of the way.

ZEISS Advanced Augmented Reality Hub
Improve known safety systems

ZEISS Advanced Augmented Reality HUD

A major advantage of our technology compared to conventional HUD technologies is the very compact volume. The reduction in installation space consistently contributes to weight reduction. Another innovation lies in the possible use of the entire cockpit pane, including versatile and variable image planes.

The previously familiar "Field of View" becomes an interactive surface through the integration of diverse sensor systems. Thanks to the new "Advanced AR" HUD from ZEISS, it is thus possible to interact directly with the environment. The multiple detection systems help pilots, crew and (semi-)automated assistance systems monitor various tasks inside and outside the aircraft.
Individual areas for all passengers

Personal microspheres

The creation of, for example, customized, personalized lighting modes and multifunctional infotainment elements on transparent surfaces per seat in each class will guarantee satisfied passengers in the future. Flying becomes a personal experience through individual applications with the multifunctional smart glass from ZEISS.

Individual microspheres throughout the passenger compartment
GPS-based information system in aircraft window
Multifunctional smart windows

Window infotainment systems

Transparent surfaces can be used as multifunctional information and entertainment systems with our technology. For example, an aircraft window can adapt the functions of a GPS-based mapping service and display information about the terrain in view. In addition to detection, filter or lighting functionalities can be taken directly from the pane at the seat.
A variety of other possibilities for all transparent surfaces in the aircraft are as of today not only conceivable, but also feasible.

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