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Next generation of information systems

The car as a smart and mobile component of road traffic

field of view for HUD systems
HUD build space reduction
of the energy consumption of today's ToF systems

Safety, information and pleasure for all road users

Today's vehicles are highly digitized and the technology performs far more tasks in the background than is perceptible to the occupants. Our multifunctional smart glass and its technological application possibilities in the field of detection, projection, illumination and filtering represent innovations for the customer. For example, the safety of drivers, passengers and all other road users is further enhanced on the basis of implemented applications.

The integration of state-of-the-art information and entertainment technologies in every light-guiding surface enables a high degree of interaction with the vehicle, other road users and for the vehicle occupants. The use of various micro-optical and holographic optical components guarantees a high degree of customization with functional flexibility and consistent surface transparency.

Anwendungsbeispiel ZEISS HUD in belebter Strasse
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Multifunctional windshield

Advanced AR-HUD Technology features an increase in the field-of-view up to 25° and enables a variety of new applications by integrating different sensor elements. Depending on the system design, the volume can be reduced to 5l and smaller by using our technology and is thus more than 60% below that of classic, optical HUD systems.

The possible use of the entire windshield and different image levels means that numerous assistance systems can be implemented in a practical manner. The versatile detection options can thus, with the use of appropriate applications, increase safety in and around the vehicle.

Maintain distance

Holographic taillight systems

The use of our solutions for taillight systems in vehicles enables a high level of design diversity with a significant reduction in installation space. Completely new light signature possibilities can be realized through the spatial representation of the holograms. Thanks to micro-optical and holographic optical technologies, classical optical systems with high space consumption are not necessary.

Old optical systems can be completely replaced by new taillight systems equipped with our technology.

Example of visionary taillight technology
Projected, graphic information by means of lighting components of the vehicle
Increase safety

Complex sensor systems

Thanks to a wide range of detection options, our micro-optical components can actively contribute to safety in and around the vehicle. The application on and in light-guiding surfaces allows a high level of integration density and flexibility. Thanks to very low installation heights with constant transparency of the surfaces, there is a wide range of possible applications in the areas of safety, information, entertainment and comfort.

In one specific case, ZEISS technology supports narrow-band spectral filtering of time-of-flight (ToF) systems. A 7-fold increase in range or reduction in energy consumption to 1/50 is thus achievable for ToF sensor systems in vehicles.

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Next generation of headlights

Partial dimming for oncoming traffic, very high luminous efficacy with clearly defined transitions from light to shadow, individual illumination of adjacent areas on the vehicle, adaptive intensity of both headlights and many other individual applications of modern and powerful lights can be implemented with our technology.

A significant difference to conventional systems is the smaller installation space required by our technology. Likewise, innovative design approaches to lighting and light signatures are possible and achievable through the use of our holography technology.

New functionalities in modern headlights
Video chat in the side window of a vehicle
Experience interaction

Multifunctional side windows

Transparent surfaces in vehicles are ideally suited as interaction and information surfaces when our technology is embedded and also exceed the range of applications of modern handheld devices. Each light-guiding surface can not only perform the tasks of current displays and input devices, but due to the versatile functionalities of our technology, sensor system and detection applications, transparent cameras, projection in different image planes and, for example, partial filtering capabilities can be integrated into side windows. Thus, for example, augmented reality applications, video chat, gesture control, individual ambience at the seat and much more can be realized. There are almost no limits to your visions.

Easy to handle

Gesture controls

The control of various devices for e.g. the air conditioning, navigation, radio and much more is possible using simple and clear gestures. Thanks to our multifunctional smart glass technology, every light-conducting surface in the vehicle interprets the gesture. The interaction area in which a gesture should be performed becomes many times larger, so that the control of the individual applications can be made more intuitive than ever.

Adaptive, partial filter function of the side window in the vehicle

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