illustration of possibile roe microoptical array

High-efficiency refractive optical elements

Micro-optical structures for complex optical tasks

Refractive optical elements (ROEs) refract light thanks to microstructured surfaces and functionally resemble familiar conventional lenses and prisms. Thanks to the extreme miniaturization of corresponding functionalities of refractive macro optics, ROE enable very compact, lightweight and elegant, optical solutions.

High level of flexibility

Polychromatic to achromatic

High numerical aperture

ROE: Components and functionalities

Refractive micro-optical elements miniaturize well-known conventional macro-optics. The functional definition is largely based on their surface topography profile. The asymmetrical profiles have flexible and high optical functionalities. They are combined with a high level of efficiency, a wide angular spectrum and a high degree of homogeneity.

We adapt our technology for your specific application and design precise mono- and achromatic solutions for you.

Illustration example of ROE structure

Technical options

  • Single-sided & double-sided wafer patterning
  • Diffractive & refractive optical design & simulation
  • Wave optical propagation
  • High-efficiency optical elements
  • Optical elements with low roughness
  • Precision manufacturing in high volumes
  • Precision measurement technology
  • Dicing
  • Structuring various optical materials: SiO2, CaF2, silicon, high refractive index glass etc.

Microlens arrays

Beam homogenization for any incoming beam geometry with high homogeneity and high efficiency for a wide range of wavelengths (for white light, if applicable). Microlens arrays enable highly efficient applications in LED and laser lighting.

Beam shaping

Beam transformation with customized optical distribution (without speckle generation) of a defined incident beam profile of arbitrary quality.

Achromatic diffusers

Highly specific and controlled intensity distribution (symmetric and asymmetric) with maximum efficiency and low scattered light for partial, incoherent, monochromatic or white light. Micro-optical diffusers optimize your LED and laser lighting applications.


Phase masks with continuous profile

Correction or modulation of the wavefront to enhance contrast in imaging systems, to generate specific focal geometries, and to reconstruct high-resolution 3D images in high-resolution microscopy.

Your benefits

  • No zero order
  • Large numerical aperture (NA)
  • High flexibility of the optical function
  • High optical transmission (>90%)
  • Monochromatic and achromatic design
Polychromatic to achromatic application

The refractive optical elements do not contain any cracks and show refractive property, which is very suitable from polychromatic to achromatic applications. Unlike diffractive optical elements, the refractive optical elements with their "smooth" surface profile shapes produce higher efficiency with no zero diffraction order.

High numerical aperture

Refractive optical elements that exhibit minimal structural resolution yet have a numerical aperture of up to 0.7 and efficiency approaching 100% can be fabricated using economical lithographic methods.

High flexibility of the optical function

Wave-optical consideration of the structural properties produces higher flexibility in the addressed intensity angle spectrum and allows the generation of almost any angular distribution.


From regular periodic micro-lens arrays to randomized continuous phase profiles¹

From regular periodic micro-lens arrays to randomized continuous phase profiles¹
pages: 15
file size: 7920 kB

Microoptics for high-end optical systems

Microoptics for high-end optical systems
pages: 1
file size: 48 kB

General specifications

Features Parameters

Operating wavelength

193 nm < λ < 2 μm, VUV to NIR


Photoresist, quartz glass, glass, Si, CaF₂

Substrate dimensions

0.5 mm to 300 mm

Substrate thickness

1 mm to 50 mm


One- and two-sided structuring

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¹ From regular periodic micro-lens arrays to randomized continuous phase profiles, Advanced Optical Technologies, Band 4, Heft 1, Seiten 47–61, eISSN 2192-8584, ISSN 2192-8576, DOI: