Living smart actively

Transparent surfaces for high-tech applications

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flexibly combinable functionalities
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Smart home applications today are mostly realized by various smart devices with their own sub-functions. Thanks to ZEISS, the combination of projection, detection, lighting and filter functions is now feasible, making it possible to integrate smart technology into everyday objects. The complex smart home applications in indoor areas, such as kitchens or bathrooms, indoor and outdoor surveillance tasks, video telephony on window and mirror surfaces, adaptive sunlight filters and much more can be controlled through our technology platform.

ZEISS thus enables holistic, innovative concepts for "smart living" and makes a decisive contribution to functional integration with the help of its multifunctional smart glass technology platform.

Multifunctional glass surfaces in your home
Interaction with your loved ones

Multifunctional smart glass for optimal communication

The integration of multifunctional smart glass into the everyday lives of modern people opens up a wide range of innovative possibilities and multiple benefits. Natural, interactive, audiovisual communication without smartphone across room boundaries, viewing calendars and to-do lists in the bathroom mirror when starting the day, self-illuminating notes, once written, visible on all windows and easy to remove – all of this is feasible with multifunctional smart glass.
Your vision of the future becomes reality with us today.
Customizable applications

Multifunctional, transparent surfaces according to your wishes

The multifunctional smart glass from ZEISS enables more individuality in your own four walls. Illuminate rooms with fully adjustable light directly using their windows as illuminants, use panoramic windows as displays for unique movie experiences, control individual programs such as the music player via gestures in your rooms. Our visionary multifunctional smart glass technology platform creates applications that cleverly combine innovation and convenience for customers.

Fully controllable, multifunctional glass surfaces for individual moments

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