Person inspects a mechatronics assembly

High loads perfectly positioned

Precision drive module for highly accurate object focusing

Positioning high loads with nanometer accuracy is a technical challenge. This requires both precise and particularly resilient drive modules. We develop and manufacture mechatronics modules for your applications.

High positioning accuracy

Endurance tests and final inspection

Finite elements modeling (FEM)

High positioning accuracy

We develop and manufacture high-precision drive modules that can be positioned with nanometer accuracy even at high loads of up to 5 kilograms. The selection of the suitable guide and drive principle including electronics is always individually adapted to your needs.

High positioning accuracy
Measuring mechanics component for guiding

Endurance tests and final inspection

We perform environmental simulations and endurance tests to prove suitability for use over the entire product service life. A digital final inspection is also carried out before delivery to confirm all requirements 100 percent. To this end, we develop customized testing and acceptance tools and use a wide variety of measurement methods.

FEM support

The simulation of a wide range of environmental conditions enables the best possible design of complex, optical modules and systems. Load simulations of pressure, vibration or temperature, for example, help optimize vibration behavior and load-bearing capacity.

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