Optical and optoelectronics modules ZEISS solutions – tailored to your application

We manufacture individual optical and optoelectronics OEM modules for our customers. The tasks and solutions are diverse and range from classic lenses and high-performance lighting modules to innovative solutions such as optical modules for wavefront manipulation.

With our expertise, we support both basic research and industrial applications, e.g. in medical technology, industrial measurement technology or the printing industry.


OEM modules from ZEISS

Designed and manufactured for your success

largest possible opening angle
up to 1700 nanometer wavelength range
mm lens diameter

DUW Distagon

ZEISS sets new standards in underwater inspection

Development and production of customized optics modules

Modules capable of integration for many areas

Complete solutions capable of integration

Our customers benefit from decades of experience in the development of complete optoelectronics solutions close to the production line.

Installation and adjustment of smallest components

We are able to manufacture modules with the most demanding installation space requirements and adjust them with the highest precision.

Cost-optimized development

Our experienced developers and designers harmonize your functional and design requirements in such a way that subsequent production can be carried out cost-effectively.

Application examples

Discover a wide range of possibilities

Miniaturization of modules

Optical and optoelectronics modules

Smaller, more compact, more powerful – this is the trend for devices and systems

Where installation space is limited, integrated solutions with complex functions are in demand. ZEISS develops the right modules for you.


Black ZEISS lenses

Objectives with motorized correction of aberrations

High aperture angles enable the highest possible resolution. Aberrations must be as low as possible to obtain the most error-free imaging possible.

Lighting modules

Customized LED modules

Powerful LEDs enable a wide range of applications – and can be adapted to just as many specific requirements. We offer the complete manufacturing and development of optics and mechanics including installation, final testing and logistics from one single source.

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