Flexible and efficient LED light

Flexible and efficient LED light

LED light source for fluorescence microscopy

Powerful LEDs enable a wide range of applications – and can be adapted to just as many specific requirements. Our motorized components, complex filter concepts and integrated trigger functions turn light sources into intelligent lighting systems.

ZEISS has established one of the first LED lighting systems in fluorescence microscopy. The now third generation of this light source covers all important fluorescent dyes and fluorescent proteins with up to seven different spectral ranges.

The special properties of the LEDs – extremely short switching times and intensities that can be set as desired – can be optimally utilized.

LED development expertise

Electronic development

Tailored filter solutions

Development expertise for LED modules

LEDs are available in every power class and wavelength. We are as familiar with the possibilities and challenges of this form of lighting as we are with the requirements of potential users. Our expertise ranges from the selection of suitable cooling to the development of optics for targeted beam shaping and application-specific control software. With this combination, we integrate the most suitable LEDs for your application.

LED development expertise
Electronics development

Electronics development

ZEISS has its own electronics and firmware development with excellent competencies in the field of embedded systems of various modern platforms, motion control and control of high-power LEDs. In this way, even motorized components with high requirements for accuracy and positioning time can be implemented and integrated into the desired systems.

Tailored filter solutions

Our range of services also includes the design, assembly and release of complex filter sets, especially for fluorescence applications.

Coordinated filter coatings

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