powerdome Library and Additional Benefits

powerdome Library

The powerdome Library forms part of all powerdome systems. It consists of several hours of video clips between ten seconds and several minutes in length. You will find a great many trailers, 3D objects, hundreds of images, music files and other contents.

powerdome ShowRenderer

This powerdome modul allows to create a fulldome video from a timeline-programmed fulldome show. It renders dome masters from show elements including planetarium functions. The exported dome masters can be used to create fulldome videos for other fulldome systems.

powerdome WebInterface

This web-based interface provides remote control of powerdome with many additional functions including the planetarium control. Any device featuring a browser application like the iPad can be used.

Via the web interface planetarium visitors can get access to the powerdome system. This offers many ways of simultaneous interaction.

powerdome Plugins

The plug-in interface of powerdome makes it possible to add new system components. This makes powerdome expandable and open for special requirements. One example of plugins implemented is Earth View, presenting the Earth in three dimensions linked to the astronomical software for correct positioning according to time and place of observation. Properties like position, rotation, rotation axis, location markers and more can be animated.

powerdome UserGroup

All users of powerdome systems can register for the powerdome UserGroup and have, among other options, access to the ZEISS Extranet server for data exchange with other users.

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