Cosmos Odyssey

Our Quest to Discover the Universe

The History of the Universe and of the Human Effort to Understand It. Shooting the world’s leading astronomical facilities. The scope of the universe as understood by humankind has expanded with the development of astronomy. Starting from the mythological universe of ancient times, let us explore the Ptolemy’s geocentric theory, the heliocentric theory, the revolution brought by the invention of the telescope, spectrum analysis, and the latest technologies in today’s astronomical observatories.



Duration 29 min
Target audience all age groups, families, students
Technology 2D and 3D animated fulldome video 
Orientation unidirectional seating arrangements
Available video resolution 2k, 3k, 4k, 6k, 8k
Production/Year Kwon O Chul 2018
Languages English, German, Korean, ask for other languages