Astronomy and Space Exploration

Limit - Expedition to the Edge of the World

A journey across the universe

Once upon a time, a sea journey was one of the most hazardous
adventures. Seafarers cautiously followed the coastlines, as they might easily lose their bearings on the open sea. Fear accompanied them wherever they sailed – the fear of plunging over the edge of the world. Courageous men like Columbus and Magellan dared to sail far out across the ocean and thus proved that the Earth is not a disk, but a sphere.

Join the voyage to the limit in expedition to the edge of the world!


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Duration 28 min
Target audience All age groups, school students, families
Technology Fulldome show of 3D and 2D computer animated graphics
Orientation Concentric; suitable for unidirectional seating
Production/year Suisse Museum of Transportation, 2005
Languages English, German, French, Italian, Korean, Spanish, ask for other languages