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Darwin and his Fabulous Orchids

A naturalist's journey through evolution.

This fulldome show is a joint production of the "Mediendom" (media dome) of the Kiel University of Applied Sciences, the Botanical Garden of the Christian Albrecht University, and the Tilt Design Studio in Hamburg. It was supported by the Volkswagen Foundation and realized with assistance from German planetariums. The show puts new esthetic appeal to dome projections. It introduces the audience to the world of orchids in a novel and impressive way, and sheds light on their significance for Charles Darwin’s findings about the origin of species. Carl Zeiss has obtained exclusive distribution rights.


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Duration 50 min
Target audience General public, families
Technology Fulldome video of 3D computer animated graphics in a new engaging style
Orientation Unidirectional and concentric seating (two versions)
Production/year Mediendom and Botanical Garden, Kiel
Producer © Tilt Design Studio, Hamburg, 2009
Languages English, German, ask for other languages