All-Sky Images and Fulldome Videos

Free for all Planetariums

Images, videos, and further data may be used in your own planetarium only, provided the source is cited. Unless specified otherwise, the source to be cited is "Photo/video: Courtesy of Carl Zeiss AG". Please observe the Common Creative license Attribution-NoDerivatives (CC BY-ND 4.0).

Seeing! German Soundtrack

The 360-degree movie »SEEING! – A Photon’s Journey Across Space and Mind« is now available with German narration. »Seeing! – Warum wir das Licht der Sterne sehen« is free of charge by registering and downloading the program from the website linked to below. Funded through a generous grant by ZEISS this program brings the story of sight and vision to planetariums. Along the way the program examines how the eye works, how technology has enabled us to restore vision and prevent a variety of diseases that affect sight.

Download the German sound files and the replacement dome masters (credits) here.

The original program resources include 4K domemaster files, English audio files, and an education guide. ZEISS customers may obtain an encoded version of the show from the Planetarium Division directly.

Register to download the show here:

The Enchanted Heath (Heidezauber)

"Heidezauber" (The Enchanted Heath) refers to an event which happened nightly in the Luneburger heath in Germany. This event used light and sound installations to transform the beautiful and natural countryside canvas of wood and heath near Schneverdingen, into an enchanting dream world, creating an aesthetic play of light synchronized with music and poetry.
ZEISS is offering these allsky images for free. Right click on the download link. Note the dds image format.

Christmas Market in Erfurt / Thuringia

The allsky images are shot with a fish-eye lens for digital projection in planetariums. They show the Erfurt christmas market with the Erfurt Cathredral in the back and the "Weihnachtsrad" (christmas ferris wheel). The originals can be downloaded as zip files for free, available in 4k, 3k and 2k resolution.