April 2019

ZEISS acquires Uniview software from SCISS for integration into fulldome systems


The company SCISS AB, based in Stockholm, Sweden, developed Uniview, a visualization software for planetariums. The software makes it possible to move spatially in the known universe and to demonstrate astronomical effects. ZEISS has sold licenses for the use of Uniview as a distribution partner of SCISS since 2005. Recently a coupling was developed to bring the digital and optical-mechanical projectors together to create the first smart hybrid control with Uniview and ZEISS star projection.
SCISS filed for insolvency in January 2019. In the course of the insolvency proceedings, the assets of the former company were auctioned off in March 2019. ZEISS won the contract, exclusively acquiring the rights to all components of the Uniview software in the latest version. This includes the Uniview support forum and approved content of Uniview users. For existing Uniview users, the servers with the Geoscope data and for Domecast applications are still available, as is the Uniview support forum. The intention is to integrate the newly acquired values into the ZEISS fulldome solution.
ZEISS understands the difficult position some of the customers and colleagues may be in and will make every effort to provide users of Uniview and customers of SCISS with Colorspace systems appropriate support in the event of any problems, but asks for understanding that service and update obligations of a company that no longer exists cannot be continued.
ZEISS looks forward to a fruitful cooperation with users of the Uniview software and is open to suggestions and cooperation in the interest of all users.

Learn more about the Uniview acquisition by ZEISS here.