Opening of the Takamatsu Planetarium

Takamatsu Planetarium

ZEISS equipped the new planetarium in Takamatsu with a SKYMASTER ZKP 4 LED.

Inhabitants and visitors of the Japanese city of Takamatsu can enjoy a new attraction: The Kodomo Miraikan Children’s Center, an adventure facility for kids, opened its doors to the public on November 23rd. The newly erected museum complex features a planetarium with a 13-m dome, a library and a Peace Memorial Museum, among other facilities. ZEISS equipped the planetarium with a ZEISS SKYMASTER ZKP 4 LED star projector. LED light sources in the projector make for bright, purely white stars. Thus, the planetarium can show its audience what otherwise remains hidden behind the light pollution of large cities: a breathtakingly brilliant starry sky.