Astronomy and Space Exploration

The Navigator of Outer Space

A photographic adventure to the night sky.

Serge Brunier, globe-trotting photographer and amateur astronomer produced the biggest photograph every taken of the entire sky. An exclusive 800 million pixel image that reveals the Milky Way in all its splendour. He will be taking us with him on his journey to find out how he achieves it. As the film unfolds, Serge takes us on a cosmic journey through time and space, plunging into the depths of the celestial sphere where we discover nebulae, stars, planets and distant galaxies. His ambitious work spans the heavens through 360°, from North to South Pole, and is composed of a mosaic of 1,200 individual photos. Serge takes us to the grandest astronomical observation sites in Chile - from the VLT telescopes to the giant ALMA antennas in the Andes Cordillera. We conclude the adventure at the top of the Pic du Midi in the Pyrenees, the mountain range between France and Spain.


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Duration 33 min
Target audience All age groups upwards of 10
Technology Fulldome video of 3D computer animated graphics
Orientation Unidirectional; suitable for concentric seating
Resolution 2k, 3k, 4k
Languages English, French, ask for other languages