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Nanocam - A Trip into Biodiversity

An invitation to think about what life is.

"NANOCAM, a Trip into Biodiversity" is the fulldome show that shrinks you down to the size of an insect and flies you through the eye of a needle. It offers a unique, motivating, didactic and funny approach to living things that has never been seen like this before.
The images of an electron microscope generated with the latest 3D animation technology invite us on a joyride into each kingdom of living things. We discover their characteristics, their importance for the ecosystems, their value for human beings and their inner beauty. NANOCAM is the perfect show to celebrate the International Decade of Biodiversity. It was designed to arouse interest into science and evoke an investigative spirit among young people. The contents correspond to those taught in the last year of primary education and throughout secondary education, and due to its captivating images that are of an extraordinarily high quality, it is able to fascinate children and adults alike.


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Duration 27 min
Target audience School children from age 10 and general public
Technology Educational and inspirational fulldome video with 2D and 3D computer animated graphics
Orientation Unidirectional seating
Available video resolution 2k
Production El Exilio, Madrid
Languages English, Spanish, ask for other languages