Star Theaters

For domes from 14 m to 24 m in diameter

Projecting a fascinatingly clear and brilliant night sky is indispensable also for many planetariums with larger domes – planetariums that not only disseminate knowledge but also offer various programs in the fields of science, culture and entertainment.

ZEISS STARMASTER Superior and 8-channel VELVET LED fulldome system in a 18-m dome

ZEISS STARMASTER Superior and 8-channel VELVET LED fulldome system in a 18-m dome

powerdome Star Theaters

ZEISS optical-mechanical and digital planetarium

For the mid-size planetarium dome you can choose from several options. ZEISS STARMASTER is the starball-type planetarium projector designed for domes between 14 m and 24 m diameter. This projector is available in various versions. You decide whether you want to integrate Sun and Moon, planets, constellations, didactic projectors and other options. All versions can be coupled directly and synchronously with a ZEISS powerdome fulldome system. The digital planetarium functions meticulously follow the starball motions.

powerdome IV 
Digital fulldome projection


Mid-size planetarium projector

The ZEISS STARMASTER Starball with its new LED light sources delivers stars of maximum definition and superb brilliance. STARMASTER is a planetarium projector of modular design. For fulldome theaters keen to present the starry sky in all its beauty, versions featuring the complete fixed-star sky, with or without projectors for Sun and Moon are recommended. In its fully configured version, STARMASTER offers the complete functionality of a traditional planetarium projector. The instrument is suitable not only for traditional dome theaters, it can also be installed in tilted domes.

ZEISS STARMASTER is available in combination with ZEISS powerdome fulldome systems or as your sole planetarium instrument.


Mid-size dome planetarium projector


Star Theater configuration with ZEISS STARMASTER Superior and 6-channel VELVET LED fulldome system in an 18-m dome

powerdome Star Theaters

ZEISS Fulldome systems for mid-size domes

Combine the Starball with ZEISS powerdome fulldome systems to add the full power of fulldome! ZEISS offers projection solutions fitted to your dome size and best suited for dome projection. Choose the best of the best by integrating our in-house designed VELVET LED projectors! Alternatively you can select from a range of handpicked commercial video projectors to immerse you visitors with dome images.

Video projection compatible with night sky contrast