powerdome II

Digital Fulldome Projection

powerdome® III

powerdome® III –
Your cockpit for all Fulldome Applications

Fulldome theaters project images and videos onto a dome with a 360° x 180° image angle. ZEISS fulldome projection systems are known under the trade name powerdome. When developing powerdome, ZEISS was consistently guided by the vision to synchronize controls of starball projections with astronomical fulldome projections and to perform them both live and automatically.
Make use of unlimited numbers of images, all-skies, videos and 3D objects. Place them on the dome wherever you want, animate properties, add text and change colors. Whatever you need - manage it with powerdome. Play fulldome videos without the need of sclicing, adopt gamma corrections in real-time, use plug-ins to simulate all kind of atmospheric phenomena, northern lights, slide shows, video streaming and much more.

Intelligent Control

The newly developed powerdome III revolutionizes the way to control a planetarium performance. You get a new, modern command station for all control functions. Start each function by touching or clicking on a defined tile on your monitor, tablet computer or even smartphone. Nothing could be easier than that. With the intelligence of powerdome III at the helm, you can concentrate on directing your presentation.

The Digital Planetarium

By coupling a ZEISS planetarium projector with powerdome, the digital projection consistently follows the astronomical parameters of the planetarium control. The digital planetarium functions of powerdome expand the presentation capabilities of the optical-mechanical projector. Both systems work in unison. The digital planetarium is managed live from the control panel, enabling both automatic and semi-automatic runs.

Off-line and On-line: Explore and Present the Universe with WWT

ZEISS extensively adapted the open source software "WorldWide Telescope" (WWT) to allow its usability with powerdome multi-channel projection systems. With WorldWide Telecope for powerdome you can use all WWT functions for 360 degree projections and you get a free desktop version to explore the universe with WWT off-line and to create tours to be presented in the planetarium. A great feature to involve students.