powerdome II

Digital 3D Planetarium


Offering the 3D universe

Uniview is a visualization and simulation software aimed at presenting and teaching astronomy, astrophysics and earth sciences. The application from the Swedish company SCISS is now integrated with powerdome and provides a seamless visualization of the entire known universe. Uniview comes with the worlds most comprehensive thee dimensional astronomical database, Digital Universe, developed by the American Museum of Natural History.

Integration with powerdome

ZEISS and SCISS closely collaborate in the integration of Uniview with powerdome fulldome systems. Uniview is now embeded in powerdome an can be used jointly with powerdome.


Real time exploration of the universe

Uniview is software package with graphical user interface for interactive, three-dimensional visualization, and simulation of mainly astronomical databases in real time. Using Uniview you can vividly present and teach fundamentals and facts of astronomy, astrophysics, the geosciences and other scientific relationships. With special software technologies implemented, the software permits simple spatial and temporal simulations. Many tools implemented help viewers understand the hierarchy and laws of motion of the celestial bodies.

An immense database

The scope of presentation comprises, e.g., a detailed model of the International Space Station (ISS), planet Earth with its surface features and atmospheric properties, the solar system, the Milky Way galaxy, and the cosmic microwave background as the limit of the observable universe. SCISS has developed and integrated a group of visualization modules, which, in connection with the graphical user interface, facilitate navigation in space in such a degree that even children can steer travels through the universe in planetarium shows.

Software packages

Uniview Theater is the core package for presentation, while Uniview Producer is an supplementary software for the production of presentation sequences. Users are offered various kinds of support, and membership of the user group.