Astronomy and Space Exploration

The Birth of the Solar System

A Violent Creation

How did our Solar System originate? This planetarium program takes visitors through the phases of its creation, from condensation of the initial cloud of gas and cosmic dust, to its final formation as we know it today. The questions remains, how can we know it happened this way and not through any other mechanism? Just as detectives look for traces of evidence to clarify the circumstances surrounding a crime, astronomers analyze the prints, which Sun and planets originated. Footprints are impact craters found on almost all the bodies of the Solar System, including Earth. They proof that the creation was violent with bombardments of rocks from space.


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Duration 21 min
Target audience General public, schools, family audiences
Technology 2D computer animated fulldome video
Orientation Unidirectional; suitable for concentric seating
Available Resolution 2k, 3k, 4k
Production/year Albedo Fulldome, 2009
Languages Chinese, English (US + UK), Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, Spanish, Russian, ask for other languages