Process Control Solutions Strategic Business Unit

The strategic business unit focuses on process control solutions for semiconductor customers. These products monitor essential process steps in semiconductor manufacturing – thus ensuring the perfect functioning of the microchips. The portfolio comprises solutions for metrology, inspection and failure analysis within the process steps for front end of line (FEOL), back end of line (BEOL), packaging and system assembly.

The strategic business unit is headquartered in Pleasanton, CA (USA). The service engineers work on customers' premises all over the world.

Head of the Process Control Solutions Group

Dr. Raj Jammy

Dr. Raj Jammy  has more than 20 years of extensive semiconductor industry experience. After obtaining a Ph.D. in electrical engineering from Northwestern University, he started his career at IBM in New York and subsequently held leading positions at SEMATECH and Intermolecular. Dr. Jammy and his team will collaborate closely with global customers to address semiconductor inspection and review, failure analysis, defect detection, 3D tomography, and process characterization and analysis.