Semiconductor Manufacturing Optics Strategic Business Unit

The Semiconductor Manufacturing Optics product portfolio is part of the strategic business unit of the same name. This includes not only lithography optics, but also mirror blocks and optical components. Lithography optics are part of the key equipment used in the semiconductor industry thanks to these optics, semiconductor manufacturers all over the world can structure microchips with nanometer precision – the essential foundation for practically all electronic devices.

The strategic business unit operates primarily as an OEM supplier and develops and produces its products in close collaboration with various customers in the semiconductor industry. Here, the sharp focus of its offerings on the needs of ZEISS customers is a key success factor.

The strategic business unit is headquartered in Oberkochen in southern Germany and operates a further site in Wetzlar near Frankfurt.

Head of the Semiconductor Manufacturing Optics

Andreas Pecher

Holds degrees in physics, University of Texas at Austin, USA and University of Würzburg, Germany
Holds a M.B.A., Kellogg School of Management, USA
Holds a M.E.M., Northwestern University, USA