Semiconductor Mask Solutions Strategic Business Unit

The Semiconductor Mask Solutions strategic business unit specializes in a key component in semiconductor production: lithographic photomasks. Photomasks carry the complete structural information for the manufacture of microchips.

With its core competencies in light and electron optics and unique femtosecond laser technology, the strategic business unit offers its customers products to assess mask defects, repair critical defects and verify the results of the repair, and dedicated metrology solutions for photomasks. The instruments are used by all leading mask manufacturers and wafer fabs around the world.

The strategic business unit is headquartered in Jena (Germany) and operates on other sites in Rossdorf, Germany and Oberkochen, Germany as well as in Bar Lev, Israel.

Semiconductor Mask Solutions has additional business offices in Japan, South Korea and the USA. The service engineers work on customers' premises all over the world.

Head of the Semiconductor Mask Solutions

Christoph Hensche

M.B.A., European School of Business, Reutlingen
Dipl.-Ing. Mechanical Engineering, University of Applied Sciences, Darmstadt  

Head of Sales and Customer Support

Dr. Axel Zibold

Head of Marketing, Customer Relations and Field Organizations
Holds a degree in physics and a doctorate in physics from Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, Germany
Holds a PostDoc from University of Florida, Gainesville, USA