Our employees

People from many different professions work in the ZEISS Semiconductor Manufacturing Technology segment: in particular, physicists, engineers and economists are well-represented. They all share something in common: their enthusiasm for new technologies and the goal of changing the world with their work.

Jessica Röder, Optics Assembly, with ZEISS since 2004

Even as a child I wanted to work at ZEISS – just like my father, my grandparents and my great-grandparents. As a trained specialist in precision optics, I work in optics assembly, processing, measuring and inspecting components for optical systems, and enjoy a wide variety of tasks. I particularly like being able to assume responsibility in my work.

Günther Ritter, Optics Assembly Team Leader, with ZEISS since 1986

I work with my team in the clean room in the production of lenses for lithography optics. We put together mechanical and electronic assemblies. As team leader, I am responsible not only for process control but for staff as well. What’s really great is that I work closely with colleagues, across departments as well.

Alexander Meissner, Finance, with ZEISS since 2006

I arrived at ZEISS via my cooperative education program in business economics, doing several phases of practical training at various ZEISS companies during my studies. In the Finance department I am responsible for our annual accounts, among other things, and have lots of contact with numerous colleagues in other departments as well.

Christof Jalics, Optical Technology Engineer, with ZEISS since 2008

As an optical technology engineer, I work in the area of EUV technology. EUV, or lithography with extreme ultraviolet light, is the key to microelectronics of the future. Together with my team, I work on a special component. I particularly like the technological challenges that my job poses.