Strategic Partnership

The ZEISS Semiconductor Manufacturing Technology segment operates primarily as an OEM supplier and manufactures its products for the global players of the semiconductor equipment industry. Carl Zeiss SMT GmbH and the Dutch company ASML share a strategic partnership.

ASML is the largest manufacturer of wafer steppers and wafer scanners for microchip fabrication. The company is headquartered in Veldhoven, Netherlands. ZEISS Semiconductor Manufacturing Technology supplies the company with semiconductor manufacturing equipment. Contact between the two companies has existed for more than 30 years: in 1983 ZEISS produced lithography optics for Philips (now ASML) for the first time. The strategic partnership of the two companies began back in 1997. The goal of both partners is to maintain and expand their joint technology and market leadership.

The trusting collaboration with ASML is one of the success factors of ZEISS in the field of semiconductor manufacturing equipment.

Visit ASML's website and learn more about the leading provider of wafer scanners.

Video "Two Companies - One Business"