Ensuring joint success with suppliers and creating sustainable growth: Those are the goals of our supplier management in the ZEISS Semiconductor Manufacturing Technology segment. We create, coordinate and control the added value with our suppliers through our supply-chain strategy. The foundation for this is our consistent focus on the demands of our customers in the OEM and end-customer markets.


We give top priority to long-term cooperation and close collaboration in our relationships with suppliers. We use our supplier management program, known as “SUCCESS” for the strategic management of our supplier relationships.

The SUCCESS Supplier Management Program encompasses a three-level process.

The SUCCESS Supplier Management Program has practical benefits for us and our suppliers:

- long-term relationships
- profiling through the partnership
- support from us for supplier innovation
- decisive, cross-sector contact partners
- early participation in new projects
- planning security

After suppliers have been introduced, they are categorized according to predefined criteria.

The performances of all suppliers classified at a certain level are evaluated and developed at regular intervals. Suppliers are reclassified each year.

The supply chain management is consistently aligned with the strategy. The strategic relevance of suppliers is reviewed annually. This ensures that so-called managed suppliers reinforce the company strategy for the ZEISS Semiconductor Manufacturing Technology segment.

Use of the ZEISS name and logo

Suppliers or partners often contact us regarding the use of our name and logo.

Please note: Only officially recognized Supply Chain Partners from the ZEISS Semiconductor Manufacturing Technology segment may use our name and/or logo. This is explicitly prohibited for all other groups.