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ZEISS Launches ForTune EUV: a Novel, High Performance Mask Tuning System for EUV Technology

ZEISS introduces the new ForTune EUV system for EUV photomask tuning in both mask shops and wafer fabs. The new ZEISS ForTune EUV is a novel, state-of-the-art Mask Tuning system for EUV technology using ultrashort pulse laser technology. EUV technology presents new challenges with respect to mask registration and especially intra-field Mixed & Matched Overlay between DUV and EUV layers. The system has been specifically designed to support EUV lithography by improving the mask registration performance of EUV masks and wafer intra-field overlay. read more

ZEISS enters the semiconductor process control market

ZEISS is fueling its growth strategy by expanding into a new market in the semiconductor industry. Through its new Process Control Solutions (PCS) business unit, the company will leverage its core technology solutions and partnerships to address a range of special needs for semiconductor customers. The new business unit will be part of the ZEISS Semiconductor Manufacturing Technology (SMT) business group and draw on long standing innovations in Microscopy that ZEISS is well known for. read more

ZEISS and ASML Strengthen Partnership for Next Generation of EUV Lithography Due in Early 2020

Netherlands-based ASML Holding NV, one of the world's leading chip industry equipment providers, and Germany-based Carl Zeiss SMT, a business group of Carl Zeiss AG (ZEISS), have agreed to strengthen their long-standing and successful partnership in the semiconductor lithography business. The main objective of this agreement is to facilitate the development of the future generation of Extreme Ultraviolet (EUV) lithography systems due in the first few years of the next decade. read more

ZEISS Invests Further 60 Million Euros in the Expansion of the Semiconductor Manufacturing Technology Factory

Further growth is planned for the world's most modern center for lithography optics: the ZEISS Semiconductor Manufacturing Technology segment (SMT) plans to further expand its production potential in the industrial zone sited between the towns of Oberkochen and Königsbronn in southern Germany. A corresponding application has been submitted to the planning authority responsible. read more

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