Customer Support at the next Level Extended support capabilities by using Augmented Reality Solutions

The conditions of the global pandemic are slightly increasing, but many restrictions are still in place. Especially travelling in other countries is still an issue. Therefore, ZEISS SMS has extended its support capabilities by using Augmented-Reality (AR) Solutions to overcome these limitations.

Microsoft HoloLens

Applying the Microsoft HoloLens opens up new opportunities for service engineers. With the mixed-reality application the user has the possibility to add virtual information to his field of view. Thereby he can study the user manual or read the circuit diagram while exchanging a part or solving a problem. Even more interesting is the opportunity to collaborate with experts on remote locations in real-time. The ZEISS engineers use the Microsoft HoloLens to connect with experts in the headquarter or other locations for collaborative problem solving at full speed.


Customers clearly benefit from these new methods as we can figure out problems much faster, which results in less tool downtime. Defective parts can be ordered and delivered sooner when failures and needs are identified remote. The Mean Time To Repair (MTTR) can be speed up and product uptime is optimized. Engineers can save a significant amount of travel time, which reduces the carbon footprint clearly.

“We gathered experience with AR technologies since more than a year now. It is definitely a great tool to leverage the service performance for our customers,” states Falk Möhr, Head of Global Customer Support ZEISS SMS. “We are confident, that using these tools and exploring further applications will bring measurable advantages in terms of cost and time savings.”

Data Security

Of course, the AR Solutions require highest considerations in terms of data protection and security. ZEISS sets highest standard to ensure data compliance.

To get an impression of how the HoloLens is used at ZEISS, please watch this short video:

Remote Assist Solutions at ZEISS Maximizing Support Efficiency

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