SPIE Advanced Lithography conference

SPIE Advanced Lithography is the world's premier semiconductor lithography conference and exhibition. As the leading global lithography event, the technical program will focus on works in optical lithography, metrology, and EUV. Leaders come to solve challenges in lithography, patterning technologies, and unique materials, while sharing the latest advancements in the semiconductor industry. The Advanced Lithography Exhibition is a highly regarded exhibition for the industry's top semiconductor suppliers, integrators, and manufacturers.


Technical Session "Zero Excursion – Zero Defects" Think beyond specs.

Even if individual parameters are in spec, defects can be caused by the interaction of multiple parameters. Think beyond specs. Remove all systematic signatures where possible.

Learn more during SPIE Advanced Lithography conference at a Technical Session about Excursion Prevention on the ZEISS Booth #120 in the exhibition hall. The session takes approx. 20 minutes and is for free. Please inform us, if you are interested to come. We are looking forward to seeing you.

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Wednesday, February 25
First session at 9:30am
Second session at 2:30pm


ZEISS Booth #120, Exhibition Hall
SPIE Advanced Lithography Conference
San Jose Convention Center
San Jose, CA, United States


Download the postcard about Excursion Prevention session as a reminder. It includes times and location.

Technical Contact

Ofir Sharoni Director Product Management
ZEISS Semiconductor Mask Solutions

Company Profile

ZEISS Semiconductor Mask Solutions

ZEISS is a leading supplier of both metrology and manufacturing equipment for the global Semiconductor Industry. With focus on a key component in the semiconductor manufacturing process, the photomask, ZEISS enables their customers to produce optimal photomasks achieving highest yields.

To ensure close geographical proximity to our customers we can rely on a dense global network of local branches and representatives. Spare part hubs in Asia, USA und Europe allow fast response times to fulfil production requirements. Development cooperations with industry consortia as well as individual customers keep us tuned to the rapidly emerging and changing requirements of photomask technology.