Products & Solutions

Have you made a call with your mobile phone today? Taken a picture using your digital camera? Or sent an e-mail from your laptop? These everyday applications are based on the functionality of microchips.

Our goal is to enable the chip industry to achieve unique successes. Thus, with a wide range of products the ZEISS Semiconductor Manufacturing Technology segment covers a variety of key processes in the production of microchips. As developers and manufacturers of semiconductor production equipment, we are the technological leader in this branch of the semiconductor industry. The bulk of all microchips is produced with the aid of our technologies.

For the nanoelectronics of tomorrow, we continuously confront the challenge of pushing technological limits and make yesterday’s “impossible” ideas reality today.

Semiconductor Manufacturing Optics

Partially products are not sold in Germany

With lithography optics and other optical systems, ZEISS enables customers all over the world to produce extremely powerful microchips.

Photomask Solutions

Our photomask solutions are used to manufacture flawless photomasks for chip production.

Process Control Solutions

Leveraging ZEISS’s broad technology portfolio to provide unique process control and measurement solutions to the semiconductor industry.